In February 2014, I was a victim of an attack. An attack that was one of many that are faced by people for something that they have no control over. Their sexuality.

Today in Kenya, there are many reported cases of violence, discrimination and stigma towards gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people. The perpetrators forget that we are their brothers, their sisters, their mothers and fathers, their neighbors and friends. They forget that we pay taxes and contribute to society. They forget that we suffer the same insecurity, unemployment and rise in cost of living. They forget that we, like them, are Kenyan.

We did not, just like they did not choose our sexual orientation or gender identity. We are all simply who we are.

We should all understand and accept that Kenya is a diverse nation. Africa is a diverse continent. The world is a diverse place and THAT is what makes it beautiful.

If all Kenyans understand and accept that Kenya has many tribes and each tribe is different and beautiful. That there are many races, each different and beautiful. That there are several sexual orientations and gender identities, each different and beautiful. The moment we all accept each other for who we are. The moment we embrace diversity, then, in the words of our national anthem, peace, love and unity will prevail.